Hosting an upcoming retreat?

We help retreat hosts market and sell profitable trips

By merging creative strategy with travel sales expertise to help you expand your business and bring your retreat vision to life.


  • Have less than 90 days to sell remaining seats on your retreat.
  • ​Are struggling to turn interested leads into confirmed attendees.​
  • Are a first time retreat host that's still learning the ropes.
  • Need help building an initial audience (or reengaging a neglected one).
  • ​Just don't have the time to dedicate to marketing your own retreat.

marketing may not be your forte

But that doesn't mean you should compromise your dream.

You've planned the perfect retreat - Now what?

I get it...

You've spent years perfecting your craft and are finally ready to share your gifts on a global scale.

You've meticulously crafted the perfect retreat experience - but now you're faced with an unexpected challenge: getting the word out and filling the seats.

Maybe you've been struggling with knowing where to start when it comes to marketing your own self...

Or feeling like you're giving 110%, yet somehow making no progress....

So I'm here with the answer to your retreat marketing woes:

With my expertise and tailored approach, we can transform your current challenges into opportunities, ensuring your retreat doesn't become a costly source of stress—but an integral part of your business's success.

As featured on the How to Run Profitable Retreats podcast

With celebrity retreat planner Leni Cavazos.

How Can We Help?

Here's Our Packages

Content Creation:

Need a sales page, email campaign, or social post sequence?

Get your retreat marketing right the first time with custom assets made from scratch.

  • ​Sales Pages to seal the deal
  • ​Email Campaigns to nurture colder leads
  • ​Social Media Posts to grow your following

1:1 Coaching & Mentorship

Need a little help visualizing the big picture?

Execute a winning sales and marketing strategy with 1:1, personalized mentorship.

  • ​1:1 Calls to stay on track
  • Personalized Strategy based on your unique business needs
  • Ongoing Support to ensure you sell out your retreat

Rewriting Services

Have a foundation that needs a bit of sprucing up?

Get a second set of eyes on your existing marketing assets.

  • Market Research to enhance your messaging
  • Content Audit to guide your revision process
  • Full Content Rewrite to maximize impact

Take A Look at What Past Clients Have To Say

The Numbers Don't Lie...

Take a look at some recent stats from a promotional email campaign we created for a 2024 Italy Retreat. 

Not only did this retreat host sell out in only two weeks, but our marketing strategy yielded over $50K in revenue and grew her email list by over 800%.

About The Retreat Copywriter, Rebecca Wells

Before discovering the world of copy and professional writing, Rebecca spent seven years developing her skills as a top-performing saleswoman in the travel and wellness industries before finishing out her corporate career as a sales ops specialist.

So why is this important to you?

Because she took on a daunting task you'd rather avoid...

She's spoken to over 10,000 customers from all over the globe so YOU don't have to.

The #1 problem she's helped multiple retreat hosts overcome is simple: learning to speak their dream customer's language.

Because writing is the easy part...

But knowing how to REALLY resonate with your DREAM customer?

Making an impact?

THAT'S what it's all about.

Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Strategic Copywriting from the University of Toronto, Rebecca merges her extensive experience with professional training to create winning campaigns. 

My Approach

No matter what type of retreat you're hosting, my professionally-curated process remains the same:


It's impossible to market anything effectively without knowing who you are talking to.

I utilize thorough research techniques to ensure you're targeting the right people and know how to speak their language.

Synchronous Sales

Your sales and marketing processes have to be built synchronically to ensure a hiccup-free booking experience. 

I leverage my sales operations expertise to ensure every critical step is accounted for at the beginning of the planning process to take the stress out of selling.

Proven Creative Strategy

Your marketing assets should be doing the selling for you. 

I'll apply the creative strategy, writing, and editing techniques I've perfected under world-class mentors to help you create mind-blowing messaging.

Ready to move your retreat business forward?

Let's answer the critical questions that have been holding you. back like:

  • Why do my leads keep ghosting when they seemed initially interested?  
  • How do I turn social media 'likes' into confirmed bookings?
  • How can I sell last-minute spots when my audience is tapped dry? 
  • ​How can I overcome (or flat-out eliminate)​​ anxiety- inducing sales objections on my calls?
  • ​How can I make my retreat stand out AND attract my dream attendees? 
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Have something else in mind?

Every retreat and audience is unique. Let's chat about what you're looking for and create a winning strategy together! 

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